In-House Training

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Brick by Brick

Lego®- based Therapy Training

full - day, 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Send the training date request first , then

Enjoy CPD-Time and build your team confidence

Here’s your chance to expand your own knowledge with your team, increase your expertise and empower yourself and staff to make an even bigger impact on your pupils lives and your SEND Provision. You have the power to make a massive impact on your students by teaching them social communication skills. As an educator, you’re dedicated your life to helping your students and their families and Lego based Therapy will broaden your SEND school offer. 

Take control and learn how to shape children's emotional and behavioural responses

Imagine you could spot the earliest warning signs of a child’s dysregulation and treat them from the start before they lose control. Would you do it? Of course, you would. And the earlier you treat, the better! You can make a difference for your children – and in my Lego®based Therapy Training, I’ll show you how.

Use my Assessment Tools and evidence children progress with confidence

Lego based Therapy is one of the most engaging and motivating play therapies. It’s fun and extremely positive. Through this therapeutic intervention you can for example: 

  • increase level of attainment
  • build and develop positive communication skills
  • improve language skills
  • teach, model and practice social skills
  • improve emotional and behavioural responses
  • improve fine and gross motor skills 
With my Assessment Tools you will be able to target deficit skills and show children progress. 

Receive one copy of The Brick by Brick Programme worth £245

Generate consistency with my a-z planning and resources pack – The Brick by Brick Programme. Equip your staff so they can follow my step by step, easy to follow 12 weeks framework which will save you a huge bags of precious time as it’s supplies you with all necessary planning, schedules, visuals, building instructions, games, etc. so you can focus on children. No need for extra planning and resources making time.

Meet the needs of your SEND students.

This structured, cooperative play will help all children and some groups would benefit greatly:

  • Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • learning difficulties
  • anxiety disorders
  • EAL
  • challenging behaviour, etc.

For more information about Lego®– based Therapy check my FAQ page here.

The Best Experience Ever

"Enjoyed the course and thought it was refreshing to get some behaviour management techniques along with how to deliver the programme. Keep the good work going!"

In-House Brick by Brick
Lego® based Therapy Training

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