Lego® based Therapy Training

Bea Inclusive deliver inspiring and highly  practical Lego based Therapy training for schools, parents and other professionals who work or live with special needs child.

Who is the training suitable for?

Schools and other professional settings

The training is suitable to everyone who wants to run Lego based Therapy group.
Training groups commonly consist:

-senior leadership team members
- teachers
-teaching assistants
-speech and language therapists
- learning mentors
- professionals with interest in special needs and Autism in particular

Parents and Carers

The training is suitable for parent who live with a special needs child and want to:

- teach children how to communicate
- improve children language skills
- increase children independence
- teach children social skills
- improve children behaviour
- understand how schools should assess and teach children using Lego based Therapy
- possess knowledge on how to target the child skills
- learn how to teach targeted skill

Content of training

The training focuses hugely on the practical application of Lego based Therapy in schools, community setting and at home. The content is delivered through interactive group activities. 

The training covers:

Lego based Therapy Training EVENTS

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Host Lego based Therapy in your school

Use your money wisely and train five members of your teaching staff who are working with special needs children and pay only for three.

Testimonials from previous trainings

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