Lego® based Therapy Training

Liverpool 7 December 2018

By Beata Bednarska

This is it!!!

That last Lego based Therapy Training Event of 2018 is upon us. 🎉 

Thank you very much for everyone who attended the event in Liverpool on 7th of December 2018 and for your fantastic feedback that you gave me.

No doubt, some beautiful and wondrous things have happened the past twelve months. You’ve likely had a fair share of struggles and setbacks, too. 

The 2018 was huge for me. I’d loved every second of it, and I’m grateful for what I could do. 

The New Year approaching quickly and I’m so excited to spend a couple of days to plan new goals for the year ahead. 

 It made such a dramatic difference in my business when I stopped “winging” things and took the time to cultivate a vision for the year ahead, and I want the same for you.   

I want you to think thoroughly about your interventions which you deliver for children with special needs. It’s extremely important that you know what you need to teach and how you’re going to do it. 

Please take the time to brainstorm your big opportunities, dreams and ideas.   

I’ll tell you what…   
Each and every time I do this, I walk away feeling energised, inspired, and READY to take action.   

I have plenty of new ideas that I would like to introduce in 2019, and I can’t wait to show you so you can use it with your pupils. 

BIG ideas! I promise. 

As Margaret Wheatley (an American Writer) said:

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

During our training in Liverpool, I gave all you needed to organise and run Lego based Therapy in your setting. I showed you what to teach and how to target deficit skills. Also, I gave you plenty of ideas how to generalise the skills and how to extend your activities. You also found out about how to use positive language, structure and physical environment as the part of your behaviour management. 

Now you are equipped with your FREE starter kit resources pack, so you don’t have to waste your time to make them. Simply, print them out and laminate and you’re done.

The assessment toolkit I provided will give you the guidelines on what to teach as well as will provide data for your school on children progress so you can share it with parents and governors. 

I had a lovely time meeting you, gays. What’s interesting for me that you are from different backgrounds. This very beneficial as we can exchange our points of view and help one another. 

Some of you were parents of the autistic child, and you were looking for something different and exciting for children so you can engage them more.

We had The School Counsellor and Domestic Violence Facilitator seeking for new ideas on how to use Lego based Therapy.

We also had HLTA (Higher Lever Teaching Assistant) who is working with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties wanting to take away the skills required to implement and develop Lego based Therapy within their setting.

Let me say to thank you for all of you that have taken this training in order to help children to become independent and happy adults.