Lego® based Therapy Training Manchester 2 November 2018

By Beata Bednarska

I so enjoyed meeting everyone last Friday (2 November 2018) and would like to thank you for coming along to our training day. I wish you all the best with the training given to help develop your club using LEGO®-Based Therapy. Please do stay in touch, and I would love to know your news and to hear how you are getting on.

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen

Wayne Huizenga

The training started 9.30 am and after few cohesion activities we focused on the topic of Autism as Lego® based Therapy was invented especially for children with Autism; the basic knowledge needed to be delivered. 

Then we focused on social communication deficits and we get through potential challenges when teaching social skills. .

We played problem solving games, built sets of Lego® and tried freestyle style building in order to discover potential obstacles that children might face whiles building/interacting, etc.

We discussed  topics such as differentiation, adaptation and generalisation process that would allow children to learn and develop their skills.

You were working very hard by actively participating in the training session. We got through all the Lego® based Therapy basic principles including the role of the facilitator and all the practicality when organising and running Lego® Club in the school.

I presented the assessment tools that I created and explain how to use it to evidence and show children individual progress. I stressed the importance of working with children with autism around the existing skills rather than on the deficit.

“In special education, there’s too much emphasis  on the deficit  and not enough on the strength

Temple Grandin

We discussed the emotional and behavioural responses that we might faced during the Lego® based Therapy as the emotions will run high so we needed some strategies to help our children to self-regulate when they in a state of distress. 

We played more games, and I was interviewed by the local television. Then Agata (helper, volunteer and my friend) interviewed some of you about BEA INCLUSIVE training. Thank you for all of you for fantastic feedback!!! A Special thanks goes to those of you who gave me video testimonials. I really, really appreciate your bravery and effort.  

 We found out who won our training competition (well-done Jeanette Turner) and we finished the training at 3.45 pm.

Thank you for attending my training and Good Luck with your own interventions.

You can now join my closed group on Facebook ‘All about Lego® based Therapy’ where you can support each other in the process of organising and running your interventions. You can swap ideas and would give advice if you had similar problem and you managed to solve it. 

Enjoy the assessment tools and resources pack that I gave you. It will save you a lot of time and thinking. Simply, print them out and laminate them. Then, you are ready to go!

Good Luck!!!

Until next time