Brick By Brick Lego Based Therapy
Online Training

Successful schools/settings

Whole school/setting bookings £995

If you would like to book the whole setting training and you are the school, charity, or local authority then simply contact and I will send you the Booking Form. After that, I can issue the invoice.

Ready to grow your knowledge and develop your skills and broaden your setting SEND provision by organising and running Lego based Therapy.

Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy Training

is an online learning program for professionals who help and support children with social communication disorders (Autism in particular) that help you and your setting the meaningful and evidence based special needs provision in area of language, communication and social skills.

Delivering and running Lego based Therapy in your setting requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently through out the whole setting. Without a road-map or guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy Training

can fast-track your development and save you years of expensive trial and errors.

We’ve already helped hundreds of teaching staff (SENCOs’, teachers, TA,), NHS professionals that support and advise schools in area of SEND) or charity therapists an we’d be honored to work with you too.

What is the
Brick by Brick Lego-Based Therapy Program

10 weeks interactive video-based training program

Saves you bags of planning and preparation time, provide consistency and equips in necessary resources

Who is the program for?

Have fun and support your children language, communication and social skills through the Lego based Therapy approach.  This video training is very good for educational settings – SENCO’s, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Learning Support Assistants and NHS professionals (such as speech and language therapists, psychologists, counselors), SENDIASS officers, charity workers who look for easy to follow program of developing language, communication and social skills.

How does the Brick by Brick
Lego-Based Therapy Program work?

Training is released in weekly modules

with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, resources, links and case studies.

All training is online - inside a private membership site

Students can view the training videos, content and compare notes with classmates.

Includes interactive Q&A sessions

where Bea answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you're a Brick by Brick Academy member for life.

You can retake the program for free, for as long as the program exists.

Comprehensive Curriculum

For more information on Brick by Brick Lego based Therapy Online Training and to preview the curriculum go to the Program Tour here


IS Brick by Brick Lego based Therapy Online Training IS RIGHT FOR ME?

If you want to learn how to use the most engaging, positive, motivating, child-centered and evidence based approach that will help your children with speech, language, communication and social skills, Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy is for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Proactive Individuals

That very busy in helping and supporting children social communication skills. They may never heard or delivered Lego-based Therapy or they are facilitating it but with no training and they not sure if what they do is the right approach. They may struggle with planning, structure or ideas for therapy sessions. Usually, they are very busy with no additional planning and resources making time. They would really appreciate all possible help in understanding and dealing with challenging behaviour and anxious children.

Busy Professionals

That seeking for more ideas and ready to follow approaches that would help them to deepen their knowledge and skills. Usually, they are overwhelmed with their load cases and trying to deliver engaging and meaningful interventions which works really well with children. They may seek to help families with children with special needs and would love to organise inclusive activities that will develop children social communication skills and give them extra opportunity to socialise with others.

Successful Schools

That want to improve or develop their special needs provision through the whole school training. This successful schools train all their staff to ensure the same level of teaching, consistency and flexibility. They will broaden they special needs offer by investing in engaging, positive and well researched approached such as Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy that would help their pupils to thrive and up-skill their staff in challenging behaviour management, in shaping emotional and behavioural resources and teaching social communication skills.


Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy enrollment happens WHEN YOU’RE READY and last for approximately 8-12 weeks, but once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Want to enroll?

Then email and request more info.


The investment for the Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy online training is £995 for the whole setting (In-House training possibilities). We also offer this training to individuals (£270).



Most frequent questions and answers

YES, you in the right place! Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy training will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver sessions in your setting so you can help children that you support. You also will be equipped in all the necessary PDF resources so the only thing you will be required to do is to download, print and laminate them. I will also advise you on what other resources you will need that you can find around your setting for example: loose Lego bricks.

I had plenty of Lego facilitators on my training and they benefited greatly from it. Some of them were struggling with ideas, other with putting structure to the session or with challenging behaviour. On top of that, a lot of facilitators struggles with assessments and shaping emotional and behavioural responses. 

This training was created by the very passionate and experience therapist and was delivered to more than 200 children with special educational needs or other typically develop but with social communication difficulties with a great success. Also, hundred of facilitators (that I’ve trained) follows my lead with the great success.

This training is planned for 10 weeks and you should be able to finish it with no problems. Each week you will have 3 video lessons to watch (between 10-30 minutes long), few links to explore and the practical video case study to investigate. Overall it may take you between 3-5 hours a week of study.

This is an 10-week online program for people who want to  develop children speech, language, communication and social sills. This therapeutic program is created to help children to develop social communication skills away from computers in a playful, graduated and extremely engaging way. This is fantastic program for:

  • the whole school (SENCO’s, teaches and Learning Supports Assistants) 
  • as an additional intervention for speech and language therapists or social workers
  • fantastic tool for the SENDIASS officers and charity workers who support families with special educational needs (autism in particular)
  • short break providers 
  • school counselors and psychologists  

Everything is online – no travel required. 

All the resources are in a form of video, PDF worksheets, instructions, links, etc. Simply:

  • watch the video lesson
  • print the resources,
  • prepare the bricks and you ready to play.

Lego bricks are not included.

Occasionally, you may need some other things that you find around the house such as: bowls, cubs, dice, chopsticks, etc.

You can enroll in the training 24/7.

There are 7 Modules that are unlocking every week. For example: If you enrolled/purchased on Monday then the new modules will unlock each Monday. There is one exception: Module 4 last 3 week as you have 16 video lessons to watch, print plenty of resources and you must carry out 3-6 session of your Play and Lean (in your setting or in your home with your children or adults). As a result, you gain access to Module 5 after 3 weeks form releasing Module 3.

All students receive access to the material for the life of the program (and yes, that includes the updates we make every year). 

You can also Book the INSET (IN-House) Training. If that is what you would prefer then simply send me an email at

Definitely. The principles you’ll learn are universally applicable. We have many students from around the world. 

You will need the laptop or mobile phone to watch the lesson and access to the printer. You will be required to attend our group Q&A and send email.

That’s it. As long as you’re hungry to learn, you’ll fine.

The tuition for the Brick by Brick Lego based Therapy:

  • for the whole school or setting is &995 
  • for the individual person it’s &270

The tuition for the whole setting such as schools, charities, etc. it’s £995. This will give you access to to the training for as long as you want and you can train all your staff. This will cover new potential employers and volunteers for many years! If you interested in buying this training then please do contact

Yea. We’ve always backed our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how It works.

Participate in up to the first two  Weeks from the start of the live program. If you no longer feel that this is right for you, send us an email.

Do pay attention to dates. We make the refund deadline extremely clear to everyone who signs up.

The deadline exists because, if you sign up for Brick by Brick, we want you to get started. We pour enormous human effort into program and we want to devote that effort to students who are committed. 

If you don’t plan on starting right away, make sure this is the right investment for you and your family as the refund period does have a firm deadline.

W accept VISA and MASTER-CARD. We also accept PayPal.

We are not currently set up to receive checks or invoices for individuals.

If you would like to book the whole setting training and you are the school, charity or local authority and you don’t have option of paying with the card then simply contact and I will send you the booking form. After that I can issue the invoice.

Dynamic, multi-channel, caring support is the backbone of Brick by Brick Lego-based Therapy Training. Once you join the program, you’ll have guidance and support from a team via email.

Here’s what each student has access to:

  • email
  • lesson comments (underneath each video, you’ve invited to comment. post your question and get the help you need. Often within minutes or hours, you’ll have a response.
  • community
  • office hours 


We all need the proof of the continuous professional development and I will send you the certificate of attendance after you finish the training (100%) and receive all the requested work.


Write us at and we’ll happily take care of you. 

You’ll Get Guidance & Support

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with your small business — we can help. Once you join Brick by Brick Academy, you’ll have guidance and support from like-minded creatives in a safe and encouraging environment.

Dedicated Brick by Brick Academy Mentor

Ask questions and get feedback 24/7. You can chat to Bea on the training portal or you can email Bea at

Active Lesson Comments

Under each training video, you’re invited to comment and get responses from Brick by Brick alumni, your fellow students, and Bea.

Live Office Hours

During the three implementation weeks, hop on live "Office Hours" calls with Bea where she’ll provide guidance and tackle your toughest questions. We record and transcribe all calls so you can listen and learn at your convenience.

Live Q&A

Get all your answers on our special Facebook Group during our Q&A lives.

Brick By Brick Lego Based Therapy
Online Training

Successful schools/settings

Whole school/setting bookings £995

If you would like to book the whole setting training and you are the school, charity, or local authority then simply contact and I will send you the booking form. After that, I can issue the invoice.