Here is what Lego based Therapy can do for you and your children


Have you ever heard about Lego based Therapy before?

If you did, then you can check how much you and your children can benefit from it. If you did’t, don’t worry, I will give you a quick introduction plus all the possible benefits.

Let me portray this fantastic play therapy intervention:

  • the most effective play therapy that has proven its value in many primary educational settings and beyond
  • extremely motivational, positive, evidence based and child centred intervention
  •  a therapeutic programme for teaching and improving language, communication, social skills but also build resilience and promote good mental health
  • very playful and active interaction between children

Here are four huge areas of benefiting from Lego based Therapy Interventions:

Lego Therapy training

Improvement of child cognitive development

If your attempts of teaching children to speak, language, literacy skills, maths, problem-solving, decision-making, memory, etc. are not impressive then you need Lego based Therapy Intervention in your school, community setting or at home. Lego based Therapy was recently proven the most effective play therapy. We can observe staggering development of this therapeutic intervention in areas of speech and language, social and the National Curriculum. So, introducing Lego Groups to your setting, it’s a GAME WINNER idea!

Improvement of emotional and behavioural responses

I’m convinced that you are wasting a lot of time dealing with children challenging behaviour, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-regulation skills, impulse control, self-awareness or empathy. Implementing Lego based Therapy in your school would save your time, improve children behaviour, motivate them, etc. and this is exactly what you and your children need – well researched positive approach.

Improvement of social skills

If your struggle with your children positive communication, co-operation, collaboration, self-expression, negotiation, compromise, etc. then improving children social skills will improve their behaviour, relationship, manners, communication, etc.

Lego Therapy Training

Improvement of your children physical development

I’m convinced that you have plenty of children with fine and gross motor needs, hand-eye coordination needs, spatial awareness needs, sensory needs, etc. Implementing Lego based Therapy into whole school provision will help you with fulfilling your duty of care for your special needs children and give them plenty of opportunities to improve on physical development. 

Would you like to learn more about Lego based Therapy? Would you like to organise and run Lego Groups in your own setting? Would you like to refresh your knowledge and get inspired? Would you like to get FREE assessment tools and FREE resources?
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