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You will find a small form at the bottom of your screen where you can very quickly and easily sign up to our newsletter. We send out emails weekly with updates to our website. You can unsubscribe at any time by just clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of your newsletter. Once a year we clean our email list and we remove those who do not open  emails from Bea Inclusive.

What are the benefits of the newsletter from Bea Inclusive?

A subscription ensures that you have access to the latest research, Lego® based Therapy facilitator innovation and the chance to connect with other therapists. All my subscribers, and only them, benefit from early access to the VLOG, FREE resources, Promotions, Sales, Giveaways, Training Scholarships when we organise the promotional events. 

How can I get involved?

You can join our amazing and supportive community and get involved in developing this awesome play therapy. Simply, follow the link and join our private Facebook Group – All about Lego based Therapy. You are free to post there, ask questions and help others. You can exchange your ideas and exchange opinions. You can even ask me to create resources for you! I can’t promise that I will fulfil the request but if I do, as a reward, you will get the resources for FREE. See you there!

How can I watch Bea Inclusive VLOG?

Simply follow the link to my You Tube Channel, SUBSCRIBE (Why not? It’s FREE), hit the notification bell and You Tube will notify you when I release a new episode. You will find there answers to your questions about the Lego® based Therapy, resources reviewed, unpack videos, building projects, and everything that is important when you help or support children. This is a huge commitment but I would love to take you with me on the weekly journey. See you there!

Can I connect through LinkedIN?

Yes! You can connect with me via LinkedIN. We are posting there once a week.

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