Lego® Based Therapy INSET Training for:
schools/community settings/local authorities

Improve FOUR areas of child development

cognition and learning

communication and interaction

social, emotional and mental health difficulties

sensory and physical needs

General Info


Your place / school
UK only

How Many?

5-20 attendees


one day (9:30-16:00)


only £450


SENDCo, TA, /parents/other professionals

Discover the power of Lego® Based Therapy

  • Invest in your pupils future.
  • Help them to become independent and happy adults.
  • Support your staff or yourself by developing your professional skills by attending this valuable training.

Check availabilty

How to book INSET Training?

  • Check the availability submit above
  • Print and fulfil INSET Booking Form
  • Email booking form to training@beainclusive.com

Consent of the Training

  • Theory and Principles behind Lego based Therapy
  • Interactive and practical application of Lego based Therapy
  • Setting up and running Lego based Therapy in schools, community settings or at home
  • Tips with managing and monitoring emotional and behavioural responses
  • Effective facilitation strategies
  • Free assessment tools
  • Free resources pack

The training focuses hugely on the practical application of Lego based Therapy in schools or community. The content is delivered through interactive group activities. 


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