Are you the SENCO, teacher, teaching assistant or other professional who want to run Lego Therapy?

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You may GET: 8 weeks of Lego Therapy in your school, 4 boxes of FREE LEGO or Lego INSET Training for your school
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Are you a parent or carer that live with a child with special needs and wants to use Lego therapy?

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This is the right place to get inspired. Plenty of different activity and game ideas for you Lego group.
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Do you wants to run your Lego based Therapy groups in your school, community setting or at home?

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Find out all the necessary knowledge and top tips you need to run the Lego based Therapy effectively.
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What we Offer?

Lego based Therapy
Training Events

Essential, incredible, unique and highly practical training that instantly solve your problems, inspire your practice and deliver necessary assessment tools and resources.

 Whether you are the SENCO, teacher, teaching assistant, learning mentor,  speech and language therapists or parents/carers we deliver to you extremely positive, child centred and evidence based Lego based Therapy Trainings.

Lego based Therapy
INSET Training

Financially effective way of training your school staff.  You HOST the Lego based Therapy in your school and Bea Inclusive will deliver training for group of five.

 Essential, incredible, unique and highly practical training that instantly solve your problems, inspire your practice and deliver necessary Lego based Therapy assessment tools and resources pack that will make your live easier.

Develop your skills

The best way to experience our passion of improving quality of live for children with special needs is to attend one of our training.

Don’t hesitate!!! Each day is a lost for your children.

Follow the good practice guidelines and train your school staff.

Did you know that children with SEND are SIX TIMES more likely to be excluded?!

Be proactive!

Invest in the Lego based Therapy which according to the latest researches is the most effective type of play therapy for children with autism.

Bea Inclusive deliver inspiring and highly  practical Lego based Therapy training for schools, parents and other professionals who work or live with special needs child.

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Lego based Therapy Training Events

Did you know that other full-day Lego based Therapy Training are 100% more expensive than with Bea Inclusive?!

Host Lego based Therapy in your school

Use your money wisely and train five members of your teaching staff who are working with special needs children and pay only for three.

Host Lego based Therapy in your school

This is the special offer for schools and other community setting.

Group of 5 to 16 staff members

full day

Pay smart!!!

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“Bea is very passionate and knowledgeable. All really-good balance. Inspiring.”

Lots of info, very interesting. Teacher is passionate about her subject and I love that. Lots of games, looking forward to putting it into action at school. You are inspiring!
Milton St John CE Primary School in Mossley, Tameside.Here
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