Bea Inclusive TV and Podcast - Episode 001

In this episode you will find out:

  • Bea Inclusive Giveaway Schemes 

  • who won Brick by Brick Programme

  • who won the Lego® Creativity Set

  • how to get access to a free masterclass training

Hey There


It’s Beata Bednarska and welcome to Bea Inclusive TV and Bea Inclusive Podcast – the place to be to learn and develop your skills so you can teach and support children to improve their social communication skills.


I am so overly excited about this episode because it is all about my giveaway schemes. If you attended one of my training or if you entered one of my giveaway schemes before then you probably know that I like giving out!


Now, if you were etching to find out if you won one of my two prices this month then this episode is for you!

Lego-based Therapy is one of my favourite and the best play therapies that could be used in many different settings by many different facilitators. 


People are using Lego-based Therapy to help children, youth, adults or elderly people around many aspects of their life.

I used this play therapy to help and support children in the area of language, social communication, behaviour and social skills. But the possibilities are endless and this intervention is extremely engaging and motivating.


To deliver this play therapy you will need a combination of different skills, assessment tools, planning and resources kit.


Why am I talking about that?


Well, the number one prize that you can win today is – the Brick by Brick Programme. 

Let me remind for those who are watching but not knowing what it is.


Brick by Brick Programme is ready to follow planning and resources kit to deliver your first 12 weeks of Lego-based Therapy. Let me show you briefly what is included:


In this 280-page pack that is enclosed in the special expanding folder and portfolio bag you will find:

  • Step by step, easy to follow planning

  • Brick by Brick Club schedules

  • Brick by Brick sessions planning

  • All the necessary adaptations and visuals to enable communication

  • Assessment Sheets

  • Job badges

  • Building Instructions

  • Challenge cards

  • Board games and games ideas and many more.



This beautifully crafted program will be sent to one of the entries on this list. I have 102 schools and other settings that entered my giveaway. I used number generator to select the winner.


The winner of my Brick by Brick Programme is:

Louise Brown from




This is what do you have to do:

  1. Contact and send us your full address and phone number as we will send the programme via DPD.


If you also would like to win my Brick by Brick Programme then don’t you worry. I’ve got you covered!

I’m planning another one in June and if you already entered the giveaway then your name stays in the pool.


Now, let’s do the same with my second giveaway which was the Lego Classic Set.


When I deliver Lego-based Therapy, I love using Lego Classic Sets to build with my children. I always recommend these sets for my trainees and I love them so much that I’ve decided to help educational setting in the form of this giveaway.

I used the number generator to select the winner again.

The winner of my Lego Classic Giveaway Scheme is:

Stacey from Woodlands Academy


Congratulation to you and this is what you have to do:

  1. Contact and send me your full address and phone number as I will send it via DPD.

OK guys, thank you so very, very much for being here with me. I’m so very lucky that I can share with you my passion.


If you want to have a little bit more structure on how to actually help and support children communication and social skills and how to organise and run your Lego-based Therapy in your setting then get your butt into my Brick by Brick Academy. 

The door to this online training will open in October so if you interested then put your name onto the waiting list so you will not miss my free masterclass training.


Now, I would love to hear from you! 

What is one action step you can do to start your Lego-based Therapy in your setting?


Let me know what do you think of today’s episode and my giveaway schemes.


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Stay on your game because someone needs the special skills that you can only give.

OK guys have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and I’ll see you on Bea Inclusive TV and Bea Inclusive Podcast.

Until the next time

Love and xxx


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