Matching, counting
and social skills?!

more FREE resources from me 🙂

By Beata Bednarska

Happy New Year People!!!

It’s 2020 and I feel like sharing my resources with you lot 🙂

When I created it I had a one child in mind (complex needs – with autism, delay in language, learning difficulties and Dyspraxia).

I love creating individualised resources that could be used independently (at the workstation – as a task) or as the group activity during my Lego based Therapy.

In this particular case you can practice matching skills, learn colours, count up to 6 or learn number recognition. 

This activity is also excellent to practice social communication skills.

Allow children to choose a wallet with one mat each and one colour bricks each. Model what to do when it’s your turn. You can change rules to target deficit skill such as waiting your turn, asking for the right brick, etc.

On few occasions, to make it more interesting for children, I placed bricks in the water and I asked them to use small fishing nets. Another time, I combined this with money and they had to buy it from me first.

Becoming an expert at differentiation is a career-long goal. One step at a time, you will get there.

Carol Ann Tomlinson

If your pupil is struggling with writing numbers then simply use the whiteboard pen and ask the child trace the number before he will be allowed the get the brick.

Supplying an empty truck with no number on it will allow your children to load it in the way they want.

You can divide children into teams and organise a little building race with or without obstacles (getting through the tunnel would be so exciting).

I love making resources but I love using them in a different way each time even more. Effective use of your resources it’s extremely important.

So use your creativity and think how you can use the same resources to teach different skills.

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hope you like my ideas of FUN 🙂

What is more important, I hope that your children will enjoy this activities as much as mine.

If you would like to use my resources then simply:

  • download the resources HERE
  • print them out
  • laminate them and
  • Have FUN!!!

I wonder how would you use the resources to engage and teach your children. Please feel free to share with your ideas. 

Until the next time…

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