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Lego® based Therapy it’s a social development programme for children with social communication difficulties. It’s a natural and highly motivating way of learning especially for children with special needs. It helps children to learn and practise social skills through facilitated, collaborative, group play. Nowadays, this play therapy is used in many different ways by many different professionals such as teachers, support staff, speech and language therapists, occupational therapist, clinical psychologists, charities, volunteers, parents of autistic children, etc.

Nowadays, this play therapy is used in many different ways by many different professionals:

  1. SENCOs’, teachers or support staff to improve communication and integration; cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health difficulties and sensory and physical needs. 
  2. Speech and Language Therapists to increase or develop speech and language skills.
  3. Occupational Therapists to improve fine motor skills.
  4. Clinical Psychologists to help children with trauma, bereavement, loss, bullying, anxiety, anger, learning, etc. 
  5. The national charities, which provide a wide range of support services to disabled children, young people and their families, including short breaks providers, use Lego® based Therapy in their settings as a part of child-centred and structured approach.
  6. Lastly, parents of autistic children also use this play therapy, so they can help their children to develop and socialise with their peers as well as to spend quality time with them.

LEGO® based therapy has been found to be effective for children with autism and related conditions. You can use LEGO® based Therapy  effectively with children aged 4-16. This approach could be used with adults with special needs to develop social skills and socialise with the peers. Lego® based Therapy could be also used with  elderly people to socialise and keep them mentally and physically active. Attending the Lego® based Therapy Training would give you necessary knowledge such as: How to differentiate and individualise for your potential students?

The training focuses largely on the practical application of LEGO®-based therapy to schools and settings, and content is delivered through interactive group activities, practical sessions and discussions. The training covers: 

  • Theory and principles behind LEGO®-based therapy

  • Practical application of LEGO®-based therapy

  • Setting up and running LEGO®-based therapy sessions in schools and community settings

  • Effective facilitation strategies

  • Monitoring progress of targeted child

  • Managing emotional and behavioural responses

  • Generalisation and individualisation of taught socials

  • Assessment tools which gives you idea what to teach

  • Ideas on how to extend and adapt activities
  •  Starter Resources Resources Pack included
  • Practical application of  physical environment and positive language use as the effective behaviour management 

The Lego®-based therapy Training it’s a full-day facilitator course and it is suitable for those wishing to run a LEGO groups. Training is suitable for staff in schools and settings, and will provide everything needed to set up and run a group.  The course is delivered by Dr Beata Bednarska (Autism Lead Practitioner). Beata Bednarska has 6 years experience of working with children on autism spectrum (ranging from classic autism, non-speakers, PDA, learning difficulties, etc.) and setting up LEGO®-based therapy groups in schools and settings.

Beata Bednarska has conducted training to the schools, autism outreaches, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, charities and short breaks providers, etc.

The reasons that I recommend he INSET Lego® based Therapy Training are:

  • You can train between between 5 to 20 people (I suggest groups up to 12 as the most effective) which will give you more flexibility in delivering Lego® approach
  • You will discuss case studies from your setting so I can make suggestions of possible solutions that you can use.
  • You will use my experience and expertise in organising and running groups in your own setting
  •  You don’t have to waste your time for travelling 
  • You will train more staff for less for example: if will train 12 members of your team then you will pay around £37 for one person (£450 in total).
  • You can choose the date that works for your school

PS. The market price for full day Lego® based Therapy Training vary between £160 to £270 for one person.

PPS. Training more than one member of staff is considered as the school good practice.

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