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Who is Bea Inclusive?

Hi everyone, I am Bea and I created and run the Bea Inclusive website. I’m really passionate about creating truly inclusive provision to help children to become independent and happy adults.


To develop positive, proactive, child-centered, and evidence-based interventions and use of good practice standards at schools and other settings where professionals help and support children’s communication, language, social skills, and emotional and behavioural responses through my Lego® – based Therapy Training, Assessment Tools, Planning and Resources.


To educate professionals who work in the area of special needs not only through knowledge and understanding of the individual child, whole school/setting training in the area of special needs, through the consistent leadership and culture of respect, and self-reflection – we can help and support our children/young people/adults or elderly people. 


To teach and inspire professionals on how to structure sessions and prioritise when delivering interventions. To improve children’s concentration, reduce child anxiety, enhance motivation, and reduce challenging behaviours. To self-regulate through breathing and grounding techniques and to shape children’s/young people’s/adult’s emotional and behavioural responses.

History is who we are and why we are the way we are - David McCullough

We all have the ‘history’ – I appreciate every single experience and child I worked with as they created me – passionate and determined to help others. Progressing from Learning Support Assistant, Teaching Assistant Level 3, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Autism Lead Practitioner, an Expert in Lego® – based Therapy to Passionate and Inspirational (according to my delegate’s feedback) Trainer, Creator and Funder of the Brick by Brick Academy Online Training Hub and author of the Brick by Brick Program – planning and resources pack to your first 12 weeks of Lego® based Therapy and finally the trainee counselor that believes in the importance of the positive psychology!

One thing I’ve noticed very quickly when I was working in a school, there was a lack of practical training for the whole setting which would be eclectic and holistic. There was a lack of quality resources to teach deficit skills through Lego® – based Therapy and a lack of practical case studies so facilitators can watch and learn: how the sessions should look, how to deal with the behaviour, how to shape emotional and behavioural responses, recognise the facilitator techniques and improve their facilitator skills.

We all have the ‘history’ – I appreciate every single experience and child. There are reasons why I chose to train others how to help and support children with SEND through Lego® based Therapy. This is a very positive and extremely engaging approach that almost runs on its own. Where children cooperate with each other, working as a team, socialising, and together finding solutions to their problems, with the facilitator’s support and guidance. The place where they can feel safe, express their opinion, talk about their problems or learn how to self-regulate when feeling frustrated or upset.

This became my obsession, a huge interest to me to address deficit skills through Lego® based Therapy and link that with the Autism Good Practice and other interventions. I’m truly in love with this play therapy and extremely impressed with the flexibility and true joy that it gives to children and facilitators of those settings that implemented it in the right way.

What is Bea Inclusive?

Lego® based Therapy Training Provider:

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Awesome Lego® Therapy Resources Provider

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To connect with other facilitators (Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Learning Support Assistants, Psychologists, SENCOs, Counsellors, Play Therapists, HLTAs, Inclusion Managers, EBD Support, Nurture Lead Practitioners, etc.). 



Get involved in All About Lego Based Therapy – Facebook Group if you would like to: run your own and you have questions, learn how others incorporate this approach in their setting or with other approaches, look for new ideas or share with others the best practice, to inspire others and develop your facilitator skills, etc.

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