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I help professionals to deliver child-centred and evidence-based provision in the areas of language, communication and social skills.

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Who can benefit from Lego® – based Therapy?

  • All Children (especially children with special educational needs/Autism)
  • All Young People (especially young people with SEND/Autism)
  • Adults
  • Elderly People
  • Families

How can Lego® – based Therapy can help?

You may have heard some of the many true stories about Lego® based therapy and how people are using it to develop creative, ground-breaking ways to educate and support children, young adults, families, adults and elderly people.

We know that Lego® – based therapy can play a central role in changing people’s lives for the better. It has applications in the fields of education, special educational needs and disability, social care, mental health and even sport.

It’s all down to the benefits of real play: time spent away from TV and computer screens – quality time that we can spend socialising, solving problems, being active, curious and creative. It’s an opportunity for real engagement with people, which makes it a wonderful tool for:

  •  Teachers

  • Learning support assistants and learning mentors

  • Play therapists

  • Counsellors

  • Speech and language therapists

  • Social care workers

  • Occupational therapists

How can Lego® – based Therapy help children with SEND/Autism?

This is a highly flexible therapy and one that’s especially beneficial to children with SEND. It’s an ideal tool for developing children’s social, communication and language skills, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and their emotional and behavioural responses.

It also helps to improve and develop:

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-calming strategies

  • Cooperative skills and ability to work in a team.

 A skilled therapist will be able to use it to help assess a child’s needs, target any skills deficits, and then plan activities and games to improve the relevant skills.

Lego® based therapy gives children the opportunity to socialise and form relationships with others and helps them to learn about other people’s point of view (The Theory of Mind). When applied as a social communication skills programme, it gives children a chance to transfer their skills from their small Lego group to a bigger group, classroom, school, home, or other community settings.

Is Lego® based Therapy effective?


Since the first studies by Dr. Dan LeGoff in 2004, we’ve seen an explosion of research by psychologists, speech and language therapists, educational staff and others. It provides strong evidence of delivering improvements in play, social skills, communication and language.

Through my own experiences of delivering the therapy, I have seen it yield real and lasting benefits.

All the children in my school benefited from it, but it was especially helpful for children with SEND/ASC.

Lego® – based therapy is highly structured so it gives children a sense of safety, familiarity and predictability. It’s engaging and motivating, so children are more likely to follow a facilitator’s lead or group rules. It offers a host of different projects to build, and numerous games and activities to play, so children are kept engaged and remain more willing to listen, share and interact.

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